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dot™ by Resound – a Smart, Tiny Instrument

Click Here to Download Brochure>> It is so small, nobody else will notice you are wearing dot. It virtually disappears on the ear. dot's unique ergonomic design also makes it lightweight and comfortable. While dot is amazingly small, it also offers high tech performance to meet individual needs. It features automatic programming, so it is at home in any environment and requires no manual adjustments. dot offers personalized technology, like Onboard Analyzer™ II DataLogging, to deliver better hearing in the most difficult listening situations. Plus, dot features Dual Stabilizer™ II, a feedback cancellation system which effectively diminishes any whistling.

Azure – The Breakthrough of Tomorrow is Here Today!

Click Here to Download Brochure>> ReSound Azure represents the best hearing instrument technology available

ReSound Azure is ideal for:

People who spend a great deal of time in difficult listening situations, such as restaurants, subways, and other busy public areas. People who spend a great deal of time in different environments. Any hearing instrument can be programmed to ideally handle a single environment, but ReSound Azure is an advanced instrument better for adapting to multiple environments. People who simply demand the best technology available to address their hearing needs.

Benefits of Azure's features

ReSound Azure offers a benefit package unrivaled by any other hearing instruments.

Benefits include:

Personalized fitting tailored to each situation: Azure's environmental Optimizer allows your hearing healthcare professional to adjust the performance of your hearing instrument in a host of different environments. Other instruments force the professional to alter the performance across all situations to address a specific complaint. With Azure your hearing healthcare professional makes any adjustments you require without introducing new problems. The best speech in noise understanding available: The directional system of a hearing instrument is what provides you the ability to understand what a person is saying to you even if you are in a noisy situation. Previous technologies accomplished this understanding by actually suppressing the noise from everywhere but directly in front of you. Obviously this means the only person you actually hear is the one directly in front of you. Is that the real world? Of course not. In the real world important sounds and conversations happen all around you. Azure's breakthrough Natural Directionality is the first system to provide the speech understanding of a person directly in front of you but at the same time not take away any of your awarenss of surrounding conversation.



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