Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron Hearing creates world-class hearing innovations that make everyday listening easier for people with hearing loss. The Company has made it a cornerstone of its business to incorporate purpose-driven innovations into every product category. Unitron Hearing's global Development Centre is located in Kitchener, Canada, and serves people with hearing loss through international offices and its distribution partners in over 65 countries.

A direct path to success
Passport™ combines revolutionary innovation with purpose-driven features, offering a complete solution that empowers your clients to communicate successfully, even in the most challenging listening environments.

Wherever life takes you. Next.
The Next™ series is comprised of four outstanding hearing instrument lines, each offering a great set of purpose-driven features including noise reduction (to supress unwanted sounds so you can maintain focus on the sounds you want to hear) and the most sophisticated feedback management system (to eliminate the annoying whistling sound).

So much to enjoy. So little to see.
Lightweight and comfortable, Moxi™ innovative, sleek design is nearly invisible behind your ear. Moxi-styled hearing instruments allows you to select the best level of automatic performance and convenience features for your lifestyle, listening preferences and budget.

All the features. A fraction of the size.
With Moda™ II we've trimmed down the size of a tradional BTE instrument, but kept the advanced digital technology that ensures a simple, crystal clear, enjoyable listening experience.



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