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– Dennis P.

Expert service, very knowledgeable on Starkey Hearing Aids. highly recommended if you are visiting or more »

– Brenda R.

After my original provider closed and left the area, I was without a local provider. more »

– Marc O.

I began wearing hearing aids about 6 years ago. I started with an entry level more »

– Frank D.

I have had hearing aids for over 3 years and have dealt with 2 other more »

– Ron S.

Just back in from a yearly hearing test with Greg Novell. Those sound proof booths more »

-Roger R.

My Audioprosthologist is Jonna Hull. I have been a hearing aid user for four years more »

– Hal K.

It’s difficult to give an outsanding rating on just two visits to see Jason Brandt more »

– Susan C.

I’ve had Jonna Hull as a hearing aid specialist for 10yrs. Its always a delightful more »

– Tony B.

I recently was in a car accident where my hearing aid was destroyed. Jonna Hull more »

Linda S.

My mom just got new hearing aids and they are fantastic! It’s so nice to more »