Widex Hearing Aids

Widex is among the leading producers of user-friendly, digital hearing aids.

With Widex hearing aids you can be sure to have well-designed help to optimise your hearing ability.

Five decades of persevering research have made them experts in developing unique and thoroughly tested solutions to compensate for loss of hearing.


Widex has created the Passion™ hearing instrument series for those of you who care about the details. Passion™ is the world's smallest Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing instrument – it is so small and discreet that it seems virtually invisible.

The Passion&trade series comprises Passion PA-115, PA-110 and PA-105 – all three models with focus on unique features, sound quality and design.

The receiver, or loudspeaker, in conventional hearing instruments occupies a lot of space. By placing it in the ear canal, Widex has developed one of the smallest, most technically advanced hearing instruments yet created.

Passion&trade provides the ultimate in discretion, comfort and style.

The Passion™ hearing instrument series delivers sophisticated performance down to the finest details. This page gives you a brief introduction to some of the technical details that give you a better listening experience.

The ISP platform

Passion&trade utilizes Integrated Signal Processing™ (ISP) technology, exclusive to Widex. ISP integrates your needs and preferences while dramatically increasing sound quality.

Central to the ISP platform are:

-Multi-channel Locator: a dual microphone system that helps to optimise sound, making speech more intelligible by reducing background noise. (Available with PA-115 and PA-110)

-Speech Enhancer: separates speech from noise in your listening environment. (Only available with PA-115)

-Multi-directional Active Feedback Canceller: minimises feedback and feedback whistling. (Available with PA-115 and PA-110)

Superior sound quality

-Audibility Extender: detects otherwise inaudible high pitched sounds and transposes them into lower, audible frequencies. This means you can hear things you couldn't hear before. (Only available with PA-115) Stable Sound Delivery™: emphasises natural sound by minimising feedback.
-Sound Harmony™: optimises hearing instrument performance, letting you experience a clear and balanced sound.

Other features

-NanoCare™: a nano-coated wax protection system that protects the hearing instrument's receiver as well as safeguarding the sound path.

-Flexible venting options: Passion&trade gives you the possibility of larger venting, meaning reduced blockage of the ear canal (occlusion) and less risk of feedback.

-EcoTech II: this technology provides extremely long battery life, making it highly efficient and cost-effective.



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