Palm Springs

Sherri - Testimonial

The Best in the Coachella Valley. The staff is kind, receptive, knowledgeable, and pleasant to work with. Colleen helped with picking a good hearing aid for my tinnitus. It has helped so much. Thank you. – Sherri

Barbara - Testimonial

I have received top notch care from Colleen Bolte. She has spent lots of time to make sure that I hear as well as possible. I am thrilled to have the best hearing aids with the best specialist in the area. I feel welcome from the moment I step inside the office and Sherry acknowledges me. I give them the highest recommendation possible. – Barbara

Christopher - Testimonial

After living through the hundreds of excuses I gave myself for ignoring a growing problem, I called Hearing Aid HealthCare in Palm Springs based a recommendation from a friend. I owe that friend a huge thank you for introducing me to Colleen and team. What a team of committed professionals who are dedicated to the entire hearing and patient experience. Worked with me every step of the way including initial referral, testing, analysis, recommendations (all based on my individual lifestyle). They work with most insurance providers and took the lead on processing everything. What made this a 10 (they only let us post 5s) was the care the team took with every follow up visit. It’s about giving each patient the gift of new sounds and experiences and the renewed confidence that comes with it. I am kicking myself for not doing this years earlier. I recently relocated out of state and will not trust my hearing to any provider other than Hearing Aid HealthCare of Palm Springs. Already planning my next trip to Palm Springs to see my new friends who keep my hearing at optimum levels. Thank you. – Christopher

William - Testimonial

They are very knowledgeable and professional and provide the best solutions for your hearing loss. Affordable within most budgets. – William

Palm Desert

Roger - Testimonial

Hearing Aid HealthCare like no other provider in the Coachella Valley provides the best initial care and evaluation. They are able to diagnose the most difficult cases and provide the best possible solutions.  – Roger

Arlene - Testimonial

How much do I love Jeanette at Hearing Aid Health…? Let me count the ways: First of all Jeanette’s personality is so friendly and there is no pressure to buy hearing aids. My exam showed that I had a slight hearing loss and she explained all the ramifications that go along with that loss. However, I wasn’t ready to commit. 2 years later I was back saying “I can’t hear the TV. Why are they mumbling?” Second: she explained the best options for me [without pressure] and showed me how one couldn’t even tell I was wearing them. She matched my hair color! Third: she showed me how they are connected to my phone so, that I had an option to just adjust them when I came into a restaurant, nail shop, etc on my phone. It looks like I was reading a message or sending a text…not fiddling with my ear. Vanity!!?? Fourth: she explains everything and we work together to adjust sound levels etc. Fifth: She has cookies!!!! Jeanette and her entire staff are the best. I highly recommend them. Remember – no pressure and cookies!!  – Arlene

Bob - Testimonial

I was referred to Jeannette at Hearing Aid Healthcare 5 years ago. Have been seeing her for maintenance checkups 3 or 4 times a year since my original purchase of the hearing aids. I could not be happier with Jeannette and her entire staff for the personal service they afford me. A few months ago my wife was at a stage where she needed hearing aids, also. So, without hesitation, we went back to Jeannette and she took care of her just as well as she took care of me. Obviously, I would recommend Hearing Aid Healthcare to anyone that needed a little assistance to improve their hearing to enjoy life better. So nice to hear more of the world around me. Thank you, Jeannette, and your entire staff.  – Bob

Buck - Testimonial

Hearing Aid HealthCare is the best. Jeannette is a truly caring individual that cares so much for the patient. She can diagnose the hearing problem and come up with the appropriate correction. She is the best! – Buck

Bobbie - Testimonial

Great Care! Great Friends! Great Professionals! – Bobbie

Jana - Testimonial

I’ve been coming to Jeannette and Hearing Aid HealthCare for nearly 10 years now. Such a professional office, staff and audiologist! I tell all my friends to “Go see Jeannette!”. I play and listen to a lot of music, so hearing aids have really brought back my listening pleasure. Jeannette always takes time to make sure my audio levels are adjusted to perfection. So glad to be with this group. Friendliest people ever! And fresh cookies, did I mention that? – Jana

Glen - Testimonial

I have been a client of Jason and Hearing Aid HealthCare since 2008. Jason has excellent technical skills and has always provided me with exceptional customer service. – Glen

William - Testimonial

I have had a wonderful experience with Hearing Aid HealthCare for many years. I’m always happy with the wonderful care that is provided. I have a better quality of life because I can hear. Thank you so much for your dedicated service to me. – William

Sharon - Testimonial

I have been so impressed with not just the placement of aids but really impressed with the after care – just a much better experience than anticipated. – Sharon

Bea - Testimonial

Very knowledgeable staff. Concerning regarding my issues. Always available to answer my questions. – Bea

Martin - Testimonial

I have never had a better experience with a more professional and personable audiologist. I had a hearing loss in my 20s due to a surgery, and I have struggled with my hearing and finding the right solution for my needs for years. I had a hearing aid that was prescribed when I was younger, it was hard plastic and extremely uncomfortable, so it ended up in a drawer. – Martin

Josh - Testimonial

What an amazing improvement buying my hearing aids from Jeannette Austin has been to my life! They eliminate the confusion of trying to follow conversations with friends and my husband. Now I can participate confidently. And the wonderful added feature of cellphone and audiobooks transmitting directly into my hearing aids is such an improvement in my quality of life. The staff and support staff are so friendly and helpful. Their level of support and follow up makes all the difference in the world. Thanks! – Josh

Norton & Carolyn Bohon - Testimonial

Just the other day we went to Palm Springs for the day to play tourist; we went to the museum, to see the new park and Marilyn Monroe statue and have lunch at Tyler’s. I had forgotten to wear my hearing aids. Wow what a difference without them. I have never done that before and never will again. Jeanette Hait and her crew are top notch in service and support and I highly recommend them. They are the BEST!! – Norton & Carolyn Bohon

Rose - Testimonial

Jeanette & entire staff are wonderful. I’ve been seeing Jeanette for several years, & 2 sets of hearing aides. Jeanette discovered that neither ear will fit a regular ear piece, molds were taken, ear pieces made. This was a process that took several visits, each time I needed to have an adjustment, there was always a time made available. The staff & Jeanette are always pleasant & have a smile. I have recommended several friends that are grateful for all the reasons I stated. The warm cookies & candy are a bonus, for us sweet eaters. They all get 5 stars. Thank you Jeanette & staff for your kindness. – Rose

Joe & Marianne Wittenberg - Testimonial

Jason is outstanding, he initially helped me through all of my trepidation on the new adventure of wearing hearing aids. He helped me make the right selection and carefully adjusted, coached and guided me back to normal hearing. Thank you! – Joe & Marianne Wittenberg

Frank - Testimonial

What a find!! Jeannette is an angel. Best all around hearing specialist I’ve encountered. – Frank

Bonnie - Testimonial

My daughter-in-law started being distant and not wanting to talk to me. I was worried. After I got hearing aids she apologized to me. She said she didn’t realize I had a hearing problem. She said when she talked to me, I never answered or walked away, as I never heard her. We are best friends again. – Bonnie