3 Perks of BTE Hearing Aids

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Hearing aids come in many sizes and styles these days, but behind-the-ear units are still one of the most common. These BTE hearing aids consist of a casing with a microphone and amplifier that sits right behind the patient’s ear and transmits sound to a receiver tucked into the ear. People often choose this style of hearing aid because of 3 advantages it offers.

1. The Most Amplification: Although other styles of hearing aids may be smaller, BTE aids generally provide the most amplification. This means that they are best suited for people with severe hearing loss, because they are powerful devices.

2. Better Battery Life: Because BTE units are larger than other types, and they have larger batteries. This means that wearers don’t have to change the batteries as frequently. Plus, the larger batteries are, the easier they are to handle, which is a perk for older patients who don’t have as much manual dexterity.

3. Fine Controls: Because they have a larger casing than many other types of hearing devices, BTE hearing aids can contain several types of fine controls on the hearing aid itself. Wearers can easily adjust volume, microphone directionality, and other features as they move from one environment to another. This makes it easier for the wearer to hear well in each type of environment.

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