Hearing Aid Accessories And You

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Hearing aids require a great deal of maintenance and care. This is usually accomplished with several different hearing aid accessories. Each accessory makes your hearing aids better, cleaner, more efficient and more effective for use.

A cleaning kit is an absolute necessity as a hearing aid accessory. A cleaning kit removes wax and other debris from your hearing aids giving them the clearest channels of sound directly to your ear drum.

A drying kit, while not a necessity, is still a nice accessory to have. It removes any excess moisture from sweat, humidity, and the accidental exposure to water from bathing, swimming, and getting caught in a downpour. Since moisture effects electronic hearing aids and battery function, keeping hearing aids dry is very important.

An air blower is very effective for keeping tubing clear and aiding in perfect sound delivery. Tubing cannot be cleared or internally cleaned any other way, so an air blower is an excellent hearing aid accessory to make your hearing aids easier to care for.

Consistent home-maintenance of your hearing devices reduces the expenses incurred for the repair of hearing aids that don’t work correctly. Time spent in your hearing aid specialist’s office is also reduced, making it that much easier on both your wallet and your schedule. Ask your hearing aid specialist what products they recommend for the care of your hearing aids. And, be sure to keep the maintenance appointments they set for you!

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