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At the Hearing Aid HealthCare we are THE specialists in the repair and refurbishing of hearing aids. All our staff are trained to a high standard with years of hearing aid troubleshooting and repair experience.

Repairs are dealt with quickly either “on site” or at our dedicated repair facility under the critical eye of our career hearing aid technicians at our main office on Monterey Avenue in Palm Desert. Hearing aid repair is truly a lost art. We have parts on hand locally for most brands and typical hearing aid problems. We have troubleshooting software for all types of electronics, Analog, Digitally Programmable, and 100% Digital.
We pride ourselves on providing a service based on quality and value for your money. We have minor hearing aid repair capability in all our locations but for those more difficult repairs we handle in our main repair lab.

At the Hearing Aid HealthCare, WE FIX HEARING AIDS. If you have a broken hearing aid, or if it just doesn’t work well, let us put it back into service inexpensively and quickly.

• High end Digital and basic model repairs
• Experienced on premises Repair Technicians
• We carry every size hearing aid battery made
• Some repairs done while you wait
• Large selection of new hearing aids for sale
• Used hearing aids re-made for loved ones
• Large selection of hearing aid supplies

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