Reasons to Consider a Starkey Hearing Aid

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Has a recent hearing test by a hearing specialist confirmed what you have suspected for a long while – that you are in need of hearing aids? Don’t dismay! There are many choices available. Modern models are small and discrete. They are also highly technologically advanced. A wide range of hearing accessories are available and help to ensure you can continue in all of the activities you love.

There are dozens of brands of hearing devices on the market. Most hearing aid providers specialize in one or two particular brands. Starkey is a brand that has been around since 1967 and is highly recommended by hearing specialists.

Starkey is committed to researching and testing new technology. They were the first brand to offer hearing aids that emitted virtually no feedback. This technology replaced older versions that squealed, buzzed or whistled at embarrassing times, like when the wearer gave someone a hug or put on a hat.

They also were the pioneers who created the first in-canal hearing aid. Starkey also brought the industry the first custom, digital and programmable invisible hearing aid. This was a huge move in making hearing aids smaller and more discreet.

Other innovations Starkey brought to the industry have included touch technology, nanotechnology and improving the ability to hear in noisy conditions. They are leaders in waterproof aids and offer one of the widest selections of invisible devices.

Starkey is committed to research and testing. Their priority is making advances in hearing instruments technology in order to bring the highest possible quality of sound to a wide range of people.

Ask your hearing healthcare provider for advice and if Starkey is right for your situation. They will get you headed toward the path to regaining the gift of crisp, clear sound.

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