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Starkey hearing aids provide a range of solutions for people with different hearing losses. They are designed to be comfortable while still being powerful.

Furthermore, Starkey aims to make hearing aids that are highly personalized to each individual for their specific hearing loss and needs. The hearing aids contain feedback management software to eliminate whistling and feedback that can be an issue with hearing aids.

There are three lines of hearing aids:

The S Series™, the Wi Series™ and SoundLens™.
The Wi Series™ and S Series™ are discreetly designed and offer noise reduction and speech preservation. This ensures that wearer to experience the sounds that are important to them.

The Wi Series™ aims to make listening effortless and enjoyable and includes a range of wireless options that allow direct streaming from radios, stereos and televisions, amplifying the signals that you want to hear, and not distracting background noise.
The S Series™ has strong performance for hearing when background noise is present. In addition to these discreet “Receiver in Canal” hearing aids, Starkey offers a line of custom products as well.

The SoundLens™ is a custom-fit device that sits entirely in the ear canal; offering consumers a hearing aid that is undetectable by those around them.
Starkey recognizes the importance of accommodating for growth and so they offer changes in earmolds once or twice a year, while keeping the processing unit the same.

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