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If you’re having trouble hearing in particular situations, Starkey offers a wide range of hearing amplifiers to meet your needs. A hearing specialist can help you select the exact product you need and get it custom ordered to fit your specifications. You’ll find yourself hearing more clearly right away with each of these Starkey hearing amplifiers.

Headphones: If you have trouble hearing when you’re listening to music, the Starkey Tunz headphones are a great option. The Tunz solo headphones are custom molded to your ear to help block out other noise and provide comfort. For even better performance, the Tunz duo offers two channels of audio for higher sound quality. Even better, there’s also a set of Tunz in-ear headphones to help block out unwanted noise.

Audio Monitors: Musicians performing on stage need to be able to hear what they and others in the band are playing without the crowd noise. Starkey offers several custom-molded audio monitors designed to be worn on stage. The Duo S has a woofer and tweeter, while the Trio has two woofers and a tweeter for even more clarity. Musicians who need to hear bass better can get the Trio B, which has a sub woofer, or the TrioXB, which has an extra boost of bass.

Phone Headsets: Hearing clearly on the phone is difficult for many people, which is why Starkey offers custom ear molds designed for use on the phone. These can either have just one ear mold, which is perfect for casual use or use while driving, or a wraparound headset. The dual headset is ideal for use at work by those who need crystal clear hearing.

Each of these options are custom fitted and calibrated. Contact your hearing professional to learn more or get fitted for Starkey custom hearing amplifiers.

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