Starkey Offers Modern BTE Units Known as RICs

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One of the most popular designs of hearing aids available today is the receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid. It is the modern version of the behind-the-ear (BTE) aid. This type of instrument has a casing that is tucked behind the ear, plus clear plastic tubing that attaches to a speaker nestled in the ear canal. Starkey offers its RIC hearing aids in two major body styles and with four different configurations of interior features. Your hearing instrument specialist can help you select and configure the Starkey RIC hearing aid that best meets your needs.
Starkey RIC Hearing Aids
The regular-size RIC body style Starkey offers is sleek, has a convenient touch control panel to adjust settings, and is available in a wide range of colors to meet your needs. Inside the hearing aid, you can choose from the X-Series and Ignite configurations. The X-Series hearing aid is designed especially for listening in noisy situations, with high-tech filters to remove background noise so you can hear the voices that matter to you and a wealth of other features to improve the quality of the sound you hear. The Ignite hearing aid is value priced and still offers great features, like directional microphones.
Starkey Mini RIC Hearing Aids
Starkey also makes a mini RIC hearing aid casing, which is even more discreet than the regular-size model. In addition to the X-Series and Ignite programming options, the Mini RIC is also available in the 3 Series and Tour configurations. The 3 Series hearing aid is designed for easy wireless connectivity and great performance in a wide range of listening environments. The Tour hearing aid is the value priced option that also offers SurfLink to help you wirelessly connect to devices like your television.
Talk to your hearing instrument specialist today about which of the Starkey RIC hearing aids is best for you. You can also demo them before you purchase; wear them for a few days out in your world and hear what you’ve been missing in your daily and social activities.
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