Starkey’s Invisible Hearing Aids

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When you first learn that you can benefit from wearing hearing aids, you may be reluctant because you believe it will be obvious to others that you have a hearing loss. However, with today’s technology, companies are able to create tiny, yet powerful hearing aids. Starkey offers two types of invisible aids. Both of them fit all the way in your ear canal and rest completely out of view.

SoundLens: This hearing aid packs a lot of technology into a tiny casing, molded to the shape of your ear canal. Your custom-made hearing aid is all digital and comes with tons of programming installed to make it easier for you to hear the sounds you’ve been missing out on. For example, the Spectral IQ technology replicates high-frequency sounds in lower frequencies, which is helpful if you have trouble hearing high frequencies. Because the hearing aid fits so far inside your ear, you can use any touch-tone phone to adjust the volume and other settings for maximum comfort and performance.

AMP: For first-time hearing aid users who aren’t sure yet how they feel about hearing aids, AMP offers the basics in an invisible personal audio amplifier. This tiny hearing aid amplifies sounds for you, and it’s very easy to get set up at your hearing aid provider in just one visit. Starkey also designed it to be comfortable and easy for you to insert and remove so you can get used to it at your own pace and wear it in the settings in which you most need it.

Technology has allowed Starkey to make tiny invisible hearing aids that are just as powerful as large ones. Ask your hearing aid provider about SoundLens and AMP to find out whether one of these may be right for you.

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