The Amp by Starkey

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The Personal Audio Amplifier for First Time Wearers who Are Not Ready for a Traditional Hearing Aid

You may have read about the Amp, the new personal audio amplifier by Starkey. This device is proving to be a good option for many who are not yet ready for a hearing aid, but who need to boost their ability to hear and understand more clearly.

Not a conventional hearing aid, this tiny hearing device fits deep within the ear canal, is so small that it is 100% invisible and is designed specifically for the first time user. Not to be confused with the Lyric, which is meant to be worn without removal for months at a time, the Amp designed to be taken out every day.

A “ready-to-wear” option for those with hearing loss, this hearing device can be inserted by a hearing professional in just one visit and easily show the wearer how to remove and re-insert themselves. There are no custom molds to be made or to wait for. It is the perfect solution for the person who is just starting to have difficulty hearing or for someone with mild or moderate hearing loss. Considered an entry-level product, the Amp meets the budgetary needs of practical-minded shoppers.

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