5 Unhealthy Habits That Can Cause Hearing Loss

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While some people understood that there are bonds between your hearing health and your total health, the significance of this idea is often downplayed. After all, damage that occurs in your heart can easily affect the way that you hear. Most of this damage can occur as the result of unhealthy habits that pervade your lifestyle. In this brief look at the topic, we will establish five different unhealthy habits that harm your hearing ability.


Everyone was warned about the potential dangers of smoking throughout grade school. It can lead to cancer and heart disease, but also hearing loss. There are chemicals in cigarettes that enter the bloodstream when smoked and then latch themselves onto hearing receptor sites in the body. Over time they can prevent hearing from occurring for certain sounds, and then become permanent when smoking continues.

You Listen To Loud Music

Another one of the most severe problems that faces people is that they listen to loud music on an MP3 player. This mobile device pumps the sound through headphones and directly into the inner ear. Once there it is trapped by the headphones and can wreak havoc on the inner ear structures. This form of damage is cumulative and also permanent.

Seeing Your Doctor

One of the other unhealthy habits that too many adults find themselves perpetuating is not going to the doctor unless it is an utmost emergency. This is an unhealthy way to live because it can cause a large disconnect between your health and your care provider. They need to be able to track your history so that they can find and heal deviations as they occur. Doctors can also give you advice to live better and make better habits.

Not Enough Exercise

Too many people around the world are eating too much and not exercising enough to take the weight off. This can leave to all different forms of diabetes and heart disease. These conditions reduce the amount of blood that can flow throughout the body, meaning that parts of your brain are not able to get the nutrients that it needs to interpret the sound that is being inputted. This results in hearing damages that only gets worse over time.

Too Many Loud Sounds In Your Lifestyle

One of the biggest problems that people make for themselves in terms of unhealthy habits is being around too many loud noises. Not only do people keep the volume too high in their own homes, but they strut through concerts that have ear-blasting sounds. This can lead to damage to the inner ear which causes hearing loss over time.

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