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Hearing instrument specialists improve the lives of millions of Americans, who suffer from hearing loss, on a regular basis. These hearing professionals bring their skills and experience to help people select and learn to use today’s high-tech hearing aids.

When you first meet with a hearing professional, you’ll be able to discuss your hearing problems, in particular going over the situations when you notice you have trouble hearing, and discussing any pain or other problems you have noticed. Your hearing professional will give you an in-depth hearing test to assess what frequencies of sound you have a hard time hearing and how severe your hearing loss is at each frequency. In addition, the hearing instrument specialist will perform tests to assess your hearing when there is background noise. This is an important part of properly selecting and calibrating a hearing aid.

After your test, your specialist will explain the results to you and help you select from many types of hearing devices and hearing accessories available today. You have many different options, and based on your needs, the specialist will guide you to the products that are likely to be best for you.

Lastly, your hearing professional will program and fit your hearing devices, keeping in mind your specific problems and diagnosis. After a period of adjustment, while your ears and brain adapt to processing sound through the hearing devices, you’ll meet again with your hearing instrument specialist to discuss any remaining difficulties you’re noticing and to fine tune your hearing devices to solve any problems you have.

From the beginning of your first appointment until you’re satisfied with your hearing devices, your hearing professional will provide assistance specifically tailored to your unique needs.

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