Closed Captioned Movies Bring Back Life’s Little Pleasures

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When you have a hearing loss, the simple pleasures in life become harder to enjoy. When you have trouble hearing, get-togethers with friends and family, hearing your grandchild’s voice or simply going to the movies can become a struggle. When it’s a struggle, you might feel like it’s just easier to not participate in the things you love any longer. But being able to hear and understand what is being said is what keeps us connected to our world. Hearing aids are the best way to help those with hearing loss stay connected. There have also been some amazing technology advancements that help hard-of-hearing consumers enjoy what normal hearing people often take for granted. One of those advancements is closed captioning of movies.

Closed captioning is a technology that allows a person to read the dialogue of a movie or TV show on screen. For someone with hearing loss, this can be the difference between enjoying a movie or constantly missing the punch line. Closed captioning “fills in the blanks,” essentially. Not all TV shows and not all movie theaters have closed captioning, however. So, if you have hearing loss and want to go to a movie, what do you do? Try is a website that lists the available closed-captioned movies at theaters all over the United States. A sophisticated search engine, Captionfish helps consumers find open captioned, “rear-window” captioned, subtitled, and descriptively narrated movies and lists them by theater and movie time. It also has captioned trailers for all of the most recent movies. The Captionfish website is easy to use because it uses your computer’s IP address to figure out what city you’re in to make suggestions for theaters near you without having to ask it to do so. Simple. Easy! Impressive.

So, if you have hearing loss and have struggled with enjoying movies, try closed captioning. And, to find the next closed captioned movie playing in your town, try Captionfish, a great website that is making it easier for those with hearing loss to enjoy life again.

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