Earwax Removal – How you’re doing it wrong

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Cleaning your ears can be a very fulfilling experience if you have been feeling fullness inside of your ear canal. This leads many people to try removing ear wax on their own. While it may seem like a fairly straightforward process, it actually requires a fair amount of expertise to do without causing any damage. That is why the only way that you should have your ears cleaned is by a professional. Here we will take a look at three different ways that you are cleaning your ears wrong and why a doctor is the only way to go.

Going To The Doctor

The best way to go about having your ears cleaned is to go to an hearing instrument specialist. They have the ability to diagnose the cause of your excessive cerumen as well as make a plan to keep your rid of it for a long time. They will use their tools to remove any ear wax that you have currently, without causing any hearing loss that you may incur through other methods. One of the other benefits that are offered by this method is that they can allow you to come back to check up on your hearing at intervals to make sure that their treatment is working.

Using Cotton Swabs

One of the worst ways to remove ear wax is to use cotton swabs. These are inserted into the ear canal and then worked around until enough wax has been removed by the user. The anger that is posed by this method is that it can push the ear wax up against the ear drum and result in a loss of hearing. While this is certainly a drawback, many other people push too hard and can damage the actual ear drum.

Ear Drops

The way that some people go about draining wax from their ears is using ear drops, which is a rather safe method. This involves putting the solution into the ears and then draining it out with hopes that it will be enough to give the some relief. However, this often leads the user to using other implements to aid the drainage occurring, which result in several problems like those already mentioned.

Ear Candles

One of the worst ways that you can go about getting rid of ear wax is by using candling methods This involves putting a hollow candle into your ear and then lighting a long wick. The idea is that it will cause a plug to form in your ear which can then be pulled free bringing the wax with it. Sadly, this does not work as a method of earwax removal and the supposed results have never been seen in a lab.

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