Hearing Professionals

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The term, “hearing professional” applies to a range of professions that focus specifically on treating hearing loss, hearing device selection and repair. Not every hearing practice has each type of hearing professional. Smaller practices, for instance, may recommend another professional outside their practice who specializes in repairing specific hearing devices.


An audioprosthologist is a licensed hearing professional who specializes in assessing and treating patients with hearing loss. These hearing professionals administer initial and follow-up hearing tests so that you can better understand your individual needs. After evaluating your hearing level, an audioprosthologist also helps you choose the most effective type of hearing device for your auditory needs and lifestyle. In situations where hearing loss is linked to a potential medical condition, the specialist will also make referrals to an appropriate medical specialist.

Hearing Aid Specialist

Hearing aid specialists are trained in the technical repair and operation of hearing devices. They can perform simple maintenance tasks like replacing the battery, but they’re also qualified to correct more complex electronic issues involving sound quality and volume adjustment.

Hearing Aid Technician

A hearing aid technician is trained in repairing, cleaning and maintaining the quality of your hearing device. Throughout its lifespan, your hearing device will need professional cleaning, battery changes and repair work, all of which a hearing aid technician can provide.

Your hearing is far too important to trust to anyone other than a professional. Just as you wouldn’t go to a pharmacist for chest pain, you shouldn’t allow anyone besides a hearing aid professional to treat your hearing aid devices.

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