Improving Upon Hearing Loss with an Assistive Device

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Loop Systems and T-Coils

The vast majority of people suffering with a hearing loss will use some form of an assistive device to help them to maintain a degree of independence. It could be anything from an infrared television headset to amplified telephones, but in the end they all use something that works the best for them and their specific needs. They want to remain connected to the world around them and that is where the devices come into play. Loop systems work by transmitting electromagnetic signals into an area that allows the individual wearing the hearing aid to be able to interpret the signal through a t-coil switch that is supplied through their hearing instrument.

Alerting Devices

Beyond the common listening devices, there are numerous visual based alert systems that are designed to help alert those with a hearing issue to any special situations or circumstances that need to be addressed. Think about it this way, if you have an alarm clock with the standard buzzer or bell, what is that going to do for someone who has a hearing impairment? Someone who has profound degrees of hearing loss will need something much more than that, which is why specialized units were developed for those individuals. Some of the alarm clocks come with a special device built into them that sends off strobe lights, and then there is also the insert for your pillow that will vibrate when it is time to wake up. Those who are unable to hear the standard alarm clock will now have options available to help alert them to anything that they need to be aware of. Smoke and fire alarms also come equipped with a visual alert to make sure that they are protected in the event of a fire.

Bluetooth devices are now available for hearing instruments. Ask your hearing aid specialist about the options available to you. Many of the choices on the market are able to be integrated into some styles of hearing aid systems already in place. Call your hearing aid office today!

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