How Noisy Workplaces are Causing Hearing Loss

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Going to work every day is one of the most pleasant and satisfying parts of life. You get to interact with people on a personal level and find different ways to advance your profession. However, there are some difficulties and dangers that come along with working such as injuries. For example, one of the fastest growing work injuries is now hearing loss. We will take a look at the different noisiest jobs that people can have and the impact that they have on people’s hearing.


One of the most dangerous jobs in the entire world is being involved in the military. These jobs can cause hearing loss in a variety of ways. From gunfire to artillery, the front lines of the military can cause hearing loss. Also, even if you are not on the front lines, you can still damage your hearing by virtue of the heavy machinery that is in use. Fortunately, the military people have the ability to obtain hearing protection to save them losing their hearing.


Another one of the dangerous jobs in the world is mining. These jobs involve digging valuable metals and minerals out of the earth using heavy drills as well as explosives. Being in the area when these materials are in use can be very damaging to your hearing. While hearing protection like ear muffs can protect your hearing, the reverberating sounds underground can continue to cause hearing damage.


Most people tend to think about farming as a rather risk-free venture. However, farmers have used heavy machinery to make their job more productive. They use tractors, threshers, and harvesting machines to get all of their work done. While these machines do not have a very high volume, the consistent exposure can cause hearing loss if they decide to work without protection.

Airport Ground Crew

Every time a plane takes off, it can generate upwards of 170 decibels of noise. This is more than enough sound to cause physical pain and hearing loss. These are the risks that are taken by the airport ground crew every day. If they step out on the tarmac without their hearing protection on, then they risk losing their long term hearing as well as acute impairment.


There are many different ways that you can have your hearing harmed by working on a construction job. One example is using a variety of pneumatic tools or power tools on a work site. That is why many foremen are beginning to insist that their workers wear the proper hearing protection to keep them safe.

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