I have had hearing aids for over 3 years and have dealt with 2 other providers. I found Hearing Aid HealthCare when I needed servicing on my older pair of Hearing Aids and the other 2 providers were unavailable. I was immediately impressed with the office staff and office appearance.

Jonna Hull was the audiologist I dealt with. She was great. She took care of the issue with the Hearing Aids and then we talked about getting new Hearing Aids as the older ones were 3 + years old. I got those new ones and spent 45 minutes with Jonna setting the programs for the new Hearing Aids. The new hearing aids are so much better. I had a follow up visit with her where she made a few adjustments.

I am extremely pleased with the hearing aids and more importantly I am pleased with the service. I highly recommend Jonna, and have already recommended her to several of my friends.

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