Greg Novall is a real expert in fine tuning hearing aids!!!!!!!

I spent close to $6500 for the hearing aids I currently have from another office of the same company. After 5 visits back to the “other” office, I still had issues with distortion, echoes, screeching feedback, and no real help to my hearing. I was so frustrated that I stopped wearing them altogether.

I visited Greg’s office to get a second opinion. In about 20 minutes he corrected 95% of the problems and I was amazed. I actually starting wearing the hearing aids again because they worked! In a follow up visit 3 months later, he did some additional minor adjustments based on my feedback and now the hearing aids are just perfect.

Some additional info – I am a professional musician, so I’m probably more picky than most in the quality of amplified sound, but I think everybody deserves to have excellent sound that is perfectly adjusted to their individual situation.

I could not recommend this office more highly!

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