My Audioprosthologist is Jonna Hull. I have been a hearing aid user for four years and I have used two other providers in the past. I went to Hearing Aid Health Care because I wanted the new Apple developed hearing aids. Jonna was the only provider in the area that was able to give me proper advice and provide me with these new devices. I am very happy that I discovered Jonna, as she is very skilled in the proscribing and adjustment of these new top of the line devices. We have been able to develop for me hearing devices that are tops in performance and state of the art in their connectivity to my Apple iPhone.

I would highly recommend the firm and Jonna in particular. I have recommended Jonna to several of my friends and they have all been delighted with her skill and ability to get them the best possible hearing. Hearing is very important to me and I do not lightly recommend people in the medical field. I recommend this company and Jonna!!

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