Tranquil Tinnitus Sound Generators

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General Hearing Instruments, Inc. introduces Tranquil Tinnitus Sound Generators for those suffering with tinnitus or Hyperacusis. These ear worn devices produce a faint gentle ‘shh’ sound, like soft falling rain. Over time, this noise helps to reduce the perception of the loudness of tinnitus and other sounds. The reduction of tinnitus loudness allows for a reduction in the perceived annoyance, making tinnitus more manageable. With Hyperacusis, this same noise is used to reduce sensitivity to loud sounds in the central auditory nervous system. The Tranquil system is for patients with normal hearing. The device is small, non-occluding, and can be worn daily, even when sleeping. Combination devices are available for those needing hearing amplification and sound generators. Patients with tinnitus and/or Hyperacusis can benefit.

Plus, the silicone body of these sound generators is lightweight and comfortable for extended-use. Tranquil sound generators are available in many styles, including: Tranquil COE (Canal Open Ear) fits into the ear without filling the ear canal; Tranquil Combo RIC OTE (Receiver-in-the-ear Over-the-ear) is a micro hearing aid/sound generator combination that fits over the top of the ear; and Tranquil Simplicity OTE is a mini-OTE sound generator. Each style incorporates General Hearing’s sound generating technology, producing a soft, gentle sound. Speak with your hearing healthcare specialist about your candidacy for sound generators and for hearing aids. Do You Need both? Kill two birds with one stone!

Ask your hearing healthcare professional about purchasing your Tranquil Tinnitus Sound Generator today!

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