Hearing Aids Get Connected – Understanding the Benefits of Bluetooth

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There’s a good chance that your current hearing aid is equipped with Bluetooth technology, particularly if you bought it recently. While Bluetooth might be most familiar to you as the technology which enables hands-free calling on your cell phone, it has become a capability on numerous consumer products in the last couple of years, including TVs, computers, mp3 players and home phones. If your hearing aid is equipped with Bluetooth, you can interact with these products in novel and convenient ways, providing increased enjoyment and a richer sound experience.

If your hearing aid comes with Bluetooth technology, its likely that it came with a tiny external device that lets you gain access to its functions. This control might be worn around the neck or kept in your pocket. Whenever you wish to receive Bluetooth signals, the controller will receive the sounds and wirelessly transmit them to your hearing aid. This means no more having to crank up the volume on your television, telephone or other Bluetooth-compatible devices, since you can have the sound sent directly to your hearing aids. You can also use it to listen to telephone conversations in both ears, which makes it even easier to understand.

Bluetooth controllers are made to be user friendly. If you wish to connect your hearing aids to a specific Bluetooth device (a television, for instance), it’s typically as easy as pressing a button. If you would like to hear your TV, simply press the TV button once to turn it on, and then push it again when you wish to stop listening. Depending upon the specific type of Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids you have, you may even be able to access other features at the same time.

Bluetooth enabled hearing aids can be especially helpful for seniors with mobility difficulties. More recent designs allow you to be up to 30 feet away from your telephone when placing a call, allowing you to speak to your family without having to leave your chair. This functionality can be potentially lifesaving in an emergency.

You can enjoy a clear, clean listening experience with your Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid that you may not be able to have any other way. This mix of clear sound and ease-of-use makes Bluetooth a great way to strengthen your hearing and delight in experiences that may have felt out of reach.

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