Who Are the Competitors to Widex Hearing Aids?

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Hearing aid help starts with a simple hearing test. Hearing aids do not interfere with your quality of life – they enhance it! Hearing specialists, such as an hearing instrument specialist or hearing aid provider, will explain the different brands and models available. They will offer hearing aid advice to help you make the right choice for your needs. Widex has been manufacturing high quality hearing aids since 1956. The company has many competitors. Oticon, Starkey and Phonak are a few of the other big names in the hearing aid industry. Oticon’s Intiga features a high speed processing chip and wireless technology that works with the brain to increase hearing. It also filters out unnecessary background noise. Even people with only minor hearing loss report significant improvement while wearing the tiny unit. The Starkey Wi Series has made a huge impact by delivering a wireless unit without requiring a streamer to be worn on the body. It grants a greater range of freedom to the wearer. The technological advances going on are hard to keep up with because they are making such incredible strides. In many cases, the technology updates are offered to the consumer without buying new hearing aids. As you can see, while Widex is a strong option in hearing aids, it is not the only choice. Work with your hearing aid provider to determine the best solution for your needs. The gift of hearing is available again.

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