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Brain hearing is one of the latest breakthroughs in the world of medicine, and it is causing quite a stir. For many years people have had to suffer through the older models of hearing aids being unsightly and ineffective. However, these latest models have been revealed to be capable of producing excellent results for people while remaining sleek and fitting. Since many people are unaware of the incredible benefits of brain hearing technology, we will take a closer look at this new tech and how it is changing hearing impairment.

What Is Brain Hearing?

Brain hearing is a new hearing aid approach that realizes one simple truth about hearing: all hearing is done in the brain and not in the ears. As a result, it is much easier to approach hearing this way, by working to send specific signals to the brain rather than simply working to shove as much amplified noise into the ear as possible. This method has been used in the past, but with the advent of incredible new hearing aid technology there is no excuse to keep pushing subpar hearing onto patients.

How Do Brain Hearing Aids Work?

Brain hearing aids work by identifying the needs of the patient that is going to get the hearing aid device and carefully programming it to boost their hearing. While other hearing aids work to bring in and amplify all sound, the brain hearing device works to bring in sounds that the inner ear cannot usually process on its own. Essentially, it attacks the source of the individual’s hearing loss and works to adapt those sounds into a natural hearing that occurs along the brain’s pathways. There are four very important reasons to use brain hearing over any other device:

  1. Spatial Recognition: You will have the ability to use brain hearing to differentiate the locations of the sound’s origins around you.
  2. Speech Recognition: brain hearing devices are specially programmed to be more receptive to sounds that come from voices so that you can get the best hearing results.
  3. Sound Filtering: brain hearing aids focus on the most important aspects of sound while not allowing the others to pass through.
  4. Sound Focusing: another one of the ways that brain hearing is superior is that it allows the user to focus on sounds even though they may be in a noisy environment.

What Are Critics Saying?

As of right now, critics and people who use brain hearing aids area absolutely thrilled about the progress that has been made with these devices. While people who use regular hearing aids only approve of their aid in 70% of cases, those who use brain hearing have a 95% approval rate. This shows just how much people appreciate the ability to get clearer, more natural hearing.

How You Can Get One

You cannot go into a store and get a brain hearing deice because they must be specially programmed to meet the individual needs of the people who are using them. That is why it is crucial to visit an audiologist so that they can perform the right tests and measurements to ensure that your hearing device provides you with the optimal hearing that you deserve. When you have the brain hearing aid, though, you will understand just how much this specialization can improve your hearing health.

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