How Cell Phones Are Revolutionizing The Hearing Aid Industry

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There are many different forms of technology that have had a significant impact of hearing health. For example, the most well-known developments in hearing technology have been the cochlear implant as well as the digital hearing aid. Yet, there have also been other forms of technology that have grown alongside the hearing aids. One of these forms of tech has been cell phones, which are now capable of working in conjunction with hearing aids to produce significantly better outcomes for hearing health. We will take a look at these advancements in cell phone tech and the impact it has had on the overall hearing aid industry.

Basic Cell Phones

Even thought they pale in comparison to the smartphones that we have on the market today, the first cell phones were still one of the most significant technological developments of their day. They included telecoils in their design, which were able to help boost the amount of sound that could be captured from cell phone towers and redirected into the device. A boosted level of sound quality lead to people with hearing aids being able to have better call quality and have less static and other forms of interference. However, this was only the start of a great deal of improvements in hearing technology.


The advent of smartphones has changed the way that hearing aids function in the modern world. These new phones also come with telecoils but have much more novel forms of technology that make them much more supportive of people who suffer from hearing loss. Some of the best forms of technology that have come about as a result of smartphones include the ability to launch applications which are capable of working as alarms and notifications for people who use hearing aids. Lights and strong vibrations are two of the most common apps that are used to help individuals who suffer from hearing loss.
Another way that smartphones are revolutionizing the hearing aid industry is through their specific developments for hearing aid compatibility. Many devices are being synced with the hearing aids of individuals so that they can have remote control of their devices. From changing the volume to the bass levels of the sound around them, people who use hearing aids can benefit in many ways from utilizing smartphones in their everyday lives. Yet another one of the best benefits of the technology associated with smartphones is the ability to program certain aspects of your home to activate once you come inside, such as light alerts and other power consuming devices. Along with a location device for your hearing aid if it gets lost, there are many other ways that cell phones are revolutionizing the hearing aid industry.

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