Who Will be Affected by Noise Induced Hearing Loss?

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People of all ages can be affected by the condition of noise induced hearing loss. It doesn’t matter if you are a child or an adult. About 15 percent of people within the United States between 20 and 69 years of age have hearing loss from high frequency exposure to loud noises. This can happen while at work or during leisure activities.

Some of the activities that can put an individual at risk include hunting, working around heavy machinery, playing in a band or going to a rock concert and sometimes even going to large sporting events. There are plenty of harmful noises that you can come in contact with at your own home, such as a lawnmower or a leaf blower. You never know what may be the contributing factor to your loss of hearing.

How Do You Determine What Noises Are Too Loud?

Red flags that should alert you when there are noises at excessive volumes around you are listed below:

  • Do you have to shout to be heard above all of the noise going on around you?
  • Do you have trouble hearing what someone is saying when they are no more than a couple feet away?
  • Can someone standing close to you hear what is coming out of your headset when it is on your head?

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